Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Shelf: The Curious World of Bugs

Have you ever seen a bug and wondered what it was?  The go-to resource in such a situation is the website What's That Bug, run by "The Bugman," Daniel Marlos.  And The Bugman now has a book out:
(Don't click to look inside.  That's not an option.)

It's a perfect resource for anyone interested in bugs, or even just a little curious about the natural world around them.  I bought a copy for my nine-year old budding entomologist: happy homeschooling!

Marlos opens the book by musing, "When I started working on the idea to write a curious miscellany of wacky, wonderful, and intriguing facts about bugs that I’ve collected during my years of research, I knew I had a cast of over 1 million characters worldwide, including 86,346 recorded insects in the United States and Canada alone. Each one had a story I could tell. There were more species than the number of words I needed to write the book. How was I going to whittle down the cast to just include the stars?"

He starts with the 10 most often-requested bugs from the website, and branches out from there, offering interesting facts about each species accompanied with simple but clear line-drawings.  Marlos's passion for his subject shines; his voice is at once expert and approachable.  The book is currently available on for a mere $12.32, which makes it a complete steal even if your only interest is in learning just enough to impress that cute entomologist you always see at Starbuck's.

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