Friday, February 3, 2012

...That Saved a Soul Like Me...

I'm not, by any means, religious.  And of all the means of religious I am not, Evangelical Christian is probably in the top three.  But I'll happily take wisdom wherever I find it, and I really, really, liked parts of this prayer from evangelical minister Scotty Smith.  I don't know anything about Mr. Smith--I haven't perused his blog beyond this one page, which I found via a friend of a friend's blog's know how it goes.  So I offer this with the disclaimer that he might very well stand for other things I would not in any way support.  But these few lines from his "Prayer for Gospel Parenting"? Pure gold. 

"Oh, the arrogant pride of thinking that by our 'good parenting' we can take credit for what you alone can graciously do in the lives of our children. Oh, the arrogant unbelief of assuming that by our 'bad parenting' we’ve forever limited what you’ll be able to accomplish in the future.
"Oh, the undue pressure our children must feel when we parent more out of fear than faith; more out of rules than relationship; more out of and pride than patience; more out of comparison than covenant; more out of threats than theology. Forgive us. Free us. Focus us...teach us how to care for them as humble stewards, not as anxious owners."
All I can add is a heartfelt Amen

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